In today’s digital world, video content is the most powerful way to capture the attention of customers and prospects.

Goez Creative, based in Orlando, Florida, has been a cutting-edge provider of video content for more than 20 years. Through extensive experience creating television content for channels in both Latin America and the United States, Goez Creative has developed vast expertise on video marketing concepts.

Content Strategy

A well-rounded content strategy is key to success. Goez Creative specializes in developing micro content for various channels. From a YouTube video, a virtual conference, or a webinar with structured ideas and concepts, we can extract various communication resources such as images, text, stories, and Tweets. After an idea is developed in depth, we create derived content that promotes your brand’s products or services and creates lasting impressions on your viewers.

Tv & Media

With 23 years of extensive experience creating television content for channels in Latin America and the United States, Goez Creative is well-versed in video services for TV. We have created special reports for RCN TV, Caracol TV, Univision, Telemundo, Manoto TV and much more. We specialize in coverage of news, sporting events, chronicles, magazines, and live and special reports.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are the most effective way for a company to tell its story and send a clear message. Through combining content such as employee interviews and illustrative visuals, we bring your company’s story and key selling points to life—creating a powerful, unforgettable video experience for your viewers.

Product Shots

Studies have shown that viewers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. And the value of a well-made product video goes beyond driving sales – it’s a way to educate your customers, develop your brand’s identity, and more. We create dynamic product-focused videos and images that provide clarity and engage your customers.

● Dazzle your consumers with creative content highlighting your full product range.
● Make your products stand out with content that is modern and stylish.
● Get more “likes” on your social networks with captivating content.

360 Selfie Video Booth

A Marketing Experience

Looking for something new and different for your upcoming event?

Promote your brand and create unforgettable videos for your events and family celebrations.

Our 360 platform has an automated process that allows you to add music and overlay your branding onto video clips.

Each person will have a personalized video of 15 to 20 seconds with the brand of the event ready to download via QR code or sent immediately via email.

Your brand will have the opportunity to generate adaptable viral content for all platforms with the power of 360 video selfies.

Real Estate

Premium HDR Photography.
Walk Through Videos.
Aerial Photography & Videography.
Virtual Staging & Blue Sky Replacement.
Youtube videos.


Capture the precious moments from your special day with a beautiful wedding video! Our team will record all the details, assist with artistic direction, and create a stunning narrative including: the couple’s preparation, ceremony, cocktail hour, and post-wedding celebration.


Your event may last only a day, but video can capture the memories for a lifetime!

Event video production is a strategic way to maximize the impact of your event. Through testimonials from your attendees, behind-the-scenes footage, and event highlights, our team creates videos that provide insight into your event and mission.

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